Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Keeping our participants safe on event day is our number one priority. With this in mind, we've put together the following quick tips:


Think & Act Safe

  • Please don’t participate if you have been significantly injured or have had a viral infection / illness during the build up to this event. Doing so may put yourself and others at risk of further injury or infection
  • To ensure the course is safe and accessible for all participants; we ask that no scooters, skateboards, roller-blades or bikes are taken on course. All participants with strollers, prams or wheelchairs must start from the Pink wave and indicate this during the online entry process
  • Please listen and adhere to any instruction given to you by course marshals / race officials and traffic management personnel. They are there to help!
  • No pets will be permitted on course
  • Please fill out the emergency information on the reverse side of your race number - this information is essential in the event of an emergency
  • It is important that participants wear the race number which has been allocated to them. Wearing someone else’s number will result in incorrect finish times and false information in the event of an emergency
  • The weather in Hamilton during the month of November can be very unpredictable. Come prepared for four seasons in one day! If wearing a rain jacket or extra layer during the event, please ensure your race number is visible on the outer layer
  • Due to the various terrain of this course, we recommend participants wear appropriate, covered footwear suitable for running / walking on concrete, gravel and grass
  • The course significantly narrows in some areas, particularly on river paths. Please ensure when reaching these locations that you are running no more than two abreast
  • Please refrain from listening to loud music whilst out on course. Musical devices can distract you from your surroundings, including potential hazards and other participants. Open your eyes and ears, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the live mucisians situated out on course!
  • Have fun, be safe and look out for each other


Training & Hydration

  • Whilst not the peak of summer, November temperatures have the potential to climb so be aware of heat exhaustion and sun-stroke. Also, make sure you are well fueled and hydrated before the event. Four drink stations will be set-up at intervals along the 6km Fun Run & Walk & the 12km Fun Run & Walk course:
    Drink Station 1: Claudelands Bridge (3.6km) River Road
    Drink Station 2: Wellington Street Beach (7.25km) 53 Plunket Terrace
    Drink Station 3: Cobham Drive (10.5km) Hillsborough Terrace
    Drink Station 4: Finish Line (12km) Recovery Zone
  • Please ensure that you have allowed sufficient preparation for this event with regards to training and lead-in time. To assist with training and preparation the Hamilton City Hawks have prepared two helpful Training Guides:


Hazards, Incidents & Medical Emergencies

  • A professional medical organisation will be in attendance at the start / finish line and out on course for the duration of the day. Please seek their advice and assistance if you are not feeling well at any time
  • As a participant, you are responsible for carrying any personal medication / inhaler or other device required during physical activity
  • If you come across another participant who is not well, please do not ignore them. If you think the situation is serious, seek the assistance of course marshals or call 111
  • If you see any potential hazards or suspicious objects at the start or out on course, please bring this to the attention of race officials / course marshals immediately
  • Watch your footing around curbs, ramps, tree roots and potential hazards. Keep left on all race paths unless over-taking
  • All affected roads will be closed for the duration of the race and the majority of the course has limited vehicle access. However, be mindful of vehicles pulling out of driveways and side streets, along with any emergency vehicles needing access to the course


Lost Children

  • Please make sure that contact and emergency information is filled out on the reverse of your child / children's race numbers as well as your own. This will help event organisers to quickly contact the relevant people in the event of an emergency or lost child
  • If your child has become lost, please report your child’s details to race officials where appropriate action will be taken
  • If you have found a lost child, please notify race officials immediately and bring them to Hamilton Library located in Garden Place


Lost & Found

  • If you find items / property that appears to have been left behind, please hand it to race officials or directly to Hamilton Library located in Garden Place
  • If you have lost an item during event day, please check with Hamilton Library located in Garden Place to see if it has been handed in. Alternatively, you can contact event organisers after the event with a full description of the lost item


If you have any questions in the lead up to the event or on race day, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us at any time prior to the event or come and see us at Event HQ Marquee located in Garden Place on the day. Train hard, be safe and we look forward to seeing you on event day!