As part of our long term vision of helping Lugton's Round the Bridges become the Waikato's largest one-day fundraising event, we're once again encouraging our participants to fundraise at Lugton's Round The Bridges. We're working with our awesome fundraising partner Everyhero again this year to make this possible!


To enable your supporters to raise money for you online, your charity/school must be registered with our fundraising partner Everydayhero.


It is FREE for all schools, sporting organisations and community groups to join Everydayhero. Our platform does have service fees which are required to maintain the platform and ensure that we remain 100% secure.

Register your School:


Charities will need to be registered with Everydayhero as a Standard or Heroix member to be listed within the event for online fundraising.

Annual membership fees apply.

Find out more:

If you have any questions about joining, please do not hesitate to contact Everydayhero.

Lugton's Round the Bridges, Hamilton, Sunday 19 November 2017. Photo: Stephen Barker / Barker Photography. ©Classic Events Ltd/Lugton's Round the Bridges
Lugton's Round the Bridges, Hamilton, Sunday 19 November 2017. Photo: Stephen Barker / Barker Photography. ©Classic Events Ltd/Lugton's Round the Bridges
Lugton's Round the Bridges, Hamilton, Sunday 19 November 2017. Photo: Stephen Barker / Barker Photography. ©Classic Events Ltd/Lugton's Round the Bridges

Fundraising Tips

Keen to fundraise at Lugton's Round the Bridges? That's awesome! Check out our top tips below for inspiration about how to maximize your fundraising.

Make it Personal

Supporters are visiting your page because they care about YOUR story. Are you fundraising for a particular reason or person? Why is this cause important to you? Use text, photos and videos to create an engaging story that people will identify with and want to support. And do so in your own unique and personal way!


Set The Benchmark

Be the first to make a donation to your own supporter page. Other people are much more likely to donate when they see that someone has already contributed. Making a personal donation will also show supporters that you’re serious about helping the cause and will set a benchmark for future donations.


Spread The Word - From The Inside Out

By fundraising, you’re doing something awesome – be proud of it and spread the word! The most effective way to do this is to start with close friends and family – these are the people most likely to donate. Building a strong foundation with these guys will help to encourage donations from other friends, family, colleagues, etc.


Get Social

There are heaps of ways to spread the word. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide a great way to reach a wide audience. Post about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and remember to share your supporter page URL! Encourage friends and family to share too. And don’t just stop there - post regularly about your progress with training updates, funds raised so far, etc.

For something a little more personal, email or SMS are good options. Face-to-face conversations can help too!


Help Supporters Know How Much To Donate

Explain to your supporters how the funds raised will help. This will go a long way in convincing people to donate. If possible, go one better and give them a relatable context e.g. $10 will provide food for this many children, $100 will provide power for this many homes, etc. This will help supporters to decide an appropriate donation and will encourage generosity.

Keep It Current

Be sure to keep your supporter page up to date. Fresh and engaging content such as photos and videos will help supporters to ‘buy-in’ to what you are doing. Fundraising progress, training improvements, obstacles you have overcome, etc. are some good examples of suitable content.


Have A Target, Beat It, And Increase It!

A fundraising target will give you something to strive for and will help keep you on track. Targets are also a great way to help supporters understand how their contribution has helped. If you manage to beat your target (or are very close to reaching it), increase it! This will help to encourage even larger donations, resulting in more funds raised for your chosen cause.


Thank Your Supporters

Remember to send a personal thank you to your supporters. Letting them know how much their donation means to you will make them feel good, this will encourage them to spread the word about your fundraising activity across their own personal networks.


Reminders Are Great!

People often need a reminder to donate. If you ask them once and they don’t donate – ask again! They may simply have forgotten and won’t begrudge a friendly reminder.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for donations after you’ve completed Lugton's Round the Bridges – traditionally almost 20% of donations come in after the challenge is over!


Thank you for choosing to fundraise at Lugton's Round the Bridges. You’re doing a wonderful thing and we’re delighted to have you participating in our event. We’ll be doing everything we can to deliver the best possible experience for you on event day.